A series of really fun beach team building games designed to celebrate a win or just to have good old fashion fun.

A Gold Medal Winner

A recreation of the real Blind Date Game without TV censorship. You select the guests, we select the stars and our famous compere will offer your audience a night not to forget! Great at conferences, sales or dealer nights!

Your clients won't forget this night in a long time.

This is an experiential Conference Activity and Business Game designed to highlight and develop key issues of how successful business teams operate. It's May 15 2000. Nine months ago the Federal Government was overthrown by a band of vicious vigilantes known as the "Thought Police" led by deposed Prime Minister Paul Keating or John Howard or whomever. Since the time of the overthrow, your group of nine has been locked in a cell. If you followed our trainers your group will break out, if notů

A series of outdoor games specifically designed and tailored for the team - working component of your conference. And yes, you and your team will pull a four wheel drive steep incline, we promise you!

An experiential game designed to highlight the importance of negotiation. You and your management team publish a major daily newspaper and you have to get six editions out each day. The printers have gone on strike over your vicious treatment of one of their workmates who was badly injured in an industrial accident. Your competitor realises your predicament and has already run a story in its first edition leaked to them by one of the printers. Your Chairman has indicated he will close the paper down as it has been losing money for sometime. Your team's objective is to get at least six editions out today. Oh, by the way, there are some more surprises along the way we haven't told you about!

A great June 30 end - of - financial year happening! We supply the million dollars, you supply the prizes. We set up the stock exchange and set the rules and establish the companies. We provide all the insider trading through our traders (sorry comedians) on the floor, and we open the exchange. See if you can become a millionaire!

Trivial charges are laid on comedians and sports celebrities. Real solicitors prosecute and the judge (also a comedian) falls asleep or passes comment. An hilarious game that has unpredictable outcomes. An ideal game that has unpredictable outcomes. An ideal game for the legal, financial or consulting industries, this game can also be constructed as an entertainment on a stand for a trade exhibition.

A highly motivational conference opening. In any venue of any size, we recreate the sports stadium and the opening ceremony of a major international sports event. We fire the flaming arrow into the torch. There is a parade of champions and video footage of the great wins of our times.

Our own version of the game with the same name converted into a night's entertainment. This game has everything - teamwork, negotiation, luck and the ability to be able to get rich quick. A game that can be played during your conference or on one of your nights off.