Australia's version of the three tenors programme made popular by those famous tenors, Domingo, Pavarotti and Carreras. This wonderful musical experience has been performed with the Melbourne and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra as well as opening major international conferences in Melbourne and Sydney. And now we have added a glamorous leading soprano!

A great programme for those very official occasions.

Featuring two nationally renowned soloists and an associate artist, this show celebrates the great romantic opera duets. The show has earned a reputation through its highly acclaimed performances at countess gala evenings - exquisite singing and glamorous and ample costumes. If you've got the budget we'll add a 32-piece orchestra, support artist, a large chorus and pyrotechnics to finish off.

A very special treat for your Asian clients. Some of the leading opera performers in Australia are Chinese. What better way to impress your visiting Asian clients than to provide them with a specially tailored opera programme that acknowledges their cultural heritage as well as our own.

Featuring Pavarotti (well almost), our cabaret gondolieri takes us on a trip through the great Italian arias of opera. With a cast of five, our "Pavarotti" finally joins us during the evenings as the fun and grandeur develops.

A fun night of accessible opera for all ages and all occasions.

Carmen rewritten to suit any occasion and performed by five singers, a narrator, piano accompaniment, a flamenco guitarist and three great flamenco dancers. A passionate night with a fiery finale!

A wonderful after dinner show

Cast with an internationally renowned artist and accompanied by a concert pianist, this sensational programme is presented in the Baroque Period. Fully costumed and stylized, it features excerpts from Handel (1685 - 1759), selections from operas by Mozart (1756 - 1791), or if you prefer, works of later composers such as Rossini (1792 - 1868), Donizettie (1797 - 1848) and Bellini (1801 - 1835). Impress your clients with your great taste and style.

Great show for networking business occasions.

A one-hour journey with a cast of six, including entire scenes from the most famous and popular Italian and French operas. Bizet, Puccini and Verdi are all represented. The scenery is magnificent and the costumes grand. If you've got the budget we'll add a full orchestra and chorus as well.

A compilation of poetry, anecdotes and songs that relate to the wonders of wine and drink. With rollicking drink songs from the great operas and some light-hearted renditions from well known classical composers, this show is irreverent, classy and classical.

Great entertainment for that special boardroom occasion.

Made up some of the finest chorus singers in Australia, The Famous Opera Chorus has earned its reputation through appearances in such grand opera productions as Aida, Faust, The Pearl Fishers, La Boheme and through supporting many great international opera stars. Choose a selection from the FOC's existing repertoire or let us write a specially designed FOC spectacle for your special occasion.