A formal dinner at sundown under the stars in a secret desert location. The location is specifically chosen so that it can be disguised until the guests arrive. They are always shocked and thrilled by the desert space and the formality of the setting. An old swagman acts as our guide as we are entertained by warm and humourous Australian characters through a brief history of this great country. A classical orchestra with up to 70 players or a recorded soundtrack makes this an Australian cultural experience never to be forgotten.

A real Australian raconteur introduces his sheep dog and the stories and music commence. Damper is served as our Bush Band opens the night with a rousing selection of contemporary Australian folk songs. Dinner includes kangaroo, emu and anything else we can lay our hands on. The evening concludes with a wonderful version of the Pride of Erin, Australian style. This show can be enlarged for outdoor locations to include boomerang demonstrations, mountain horse riding and sunset concerts.

Great for incentive groups!

Your very own Melbourne Cup starring those famous bookmakers P.Dodgy and V.Shifty. Our bookies run your Melbourne Cup celebration on the day, or for that matter any day you choose. Your have your own funny money, we rig the outcomes and everybody, including the punters, goes home happy! A great way to entertain your clients.

Part of the winning entry by the Australian Marketing Institute, 1995 National Awatd of Excellence for Incentive Marketing

A programme of exciting and wonderful children's activities delievered anywhere in Australia for any length of time for children at conferences. Programmes are specifically designed for children from 0-5 and 5-12 years that allow executives and companies to make conferences a family affair.

Learn about the many different Aboriginal cultures that exist in Australia, understand some of the meanings of the dot paintings and the Aboriginal totems, participate in Aboriginal Dreamtime ceremonies and then paint your own story. Accompanied by didgeridoo players and dancers, this show will leave your guests with a wonderful understanding of our great country.

Ideal for international guests

Through the recreation of the legendary Lola Montez, reknowned for her famous spider dance that delighted the diggers and enraged the sensibilities of the respectable people of the township of Ballarat, this programme of music, song and words celebrates Colonial Australia

Great for incentive groups and interstate guests

The history of Australian fashion recreated through costume and dance from the 1860s thwn men and women followed the seasons of the northern hemisphere and wore full winter ourfits during summer, through to the 1960s when Jean Shrimpton wore the mini-skirt to the Melbourne Cup. Eight fully costumed scenes are presented during a formal dinner. A full 32-piece orchestra can be added. Ideal for an international conference evenings or a great fundraiser in a formal sense.

Chosen by the City of Melbourne as an official event for Melbourne's sesquicentenary celebrations

Dame Nellie Melba was Australia's greatest opera singer. An evening of music and entertaining anecdotes set against the backdrop of Australia in the 20s that illustrates this famous Australian's rise to international opera stardom.

Great for international guests!