What We Believe

The most important ingredient in any commercial proposition, we believe, involves "connecting" with target audiences through "experiences".

Eventures is a creative services company.

Eventures drives business success. Our emphasis on commercial propositions driven by ideas and creative concepts is what makes us unique.

We are known for our:

Highly refined creative capabilities

Strong commercial and marketing focus

For corporations and businesses to be successful they must engage with and inspire their key stakeholders through memorable experiences.

Our Team

Eventures prides itself on its ability to attract the best people and partners for any assignment in Australia.

We form a dedicated team for each project, using the right blend between permanent staff and skilled creatives, with highly specialised areas of expertise. Eventures' permanent staff focus, first and foremost, is on business objectives. Our creative team is drawn from the best young graduates in digital media and modern marketing disciplines.

Eventures has representation in every capital city in Australia and strategic alliances with companies throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our affiliates work with us as strategic partners, complementing our skills and ensuring we can deliver a full package of services to meet any brief.

Company founder and creative director, Ralph Kerle has:

  • extensive experience in marketing and commerce
  • national recognition as an event and theatre producer and director
  • an international reputation as a speaker on creativity and its role in business